Monday, December 15, 2008

To go for #3 Right Now or Not!

(there are 8 years between my youngest sister, Jessie, and I. We were 12, 14, 16, 19 in this picture)

Reasons To Go for it:

close in age

getting it over with sooner

hopefully they will play together better

There will be extra eyes in middle school and high school if they are closer

I could be done having children by 32ish even if I end up with 5

that whole be happy and multiply thing (truly there is no greater blessing/gift than children)

When all the people that have asked me if I am expecting ask again I could say, yes 3 noticed?

or Not:

being pregnant is not fun especially with two little ones

getting pregnant in the near future would put all my kids birthdays in the fall, near Christmas in a clump.

People will start wondering if I just make babies and that is all.

3 is the giant leap, I have heard.



Pam said...

it's not that bad....go for it!

Barty Family said...

I've actually heard 3 is easier than 2. What do I know. I think 1 is hard enough. I say wait until the birthday wouldn't be during the holidays. That's just because my birthday is in January.

Grammy said...

Dear Tanya,
Go for it! Now is the time. Maybe there will be four. Love you all
Aunt Grammy

Sarah said...

I say the opposite of Michelle. I've heard 3 is harder than 2. But alas, we're in the same boat as you . . . only time will tell what we decide!

Crazy Lady said...

do it. i'm so glad i did. that they are a little older.

who ever said 3 is easier than 2 is lying. the first 6 months was a big fog :) once 'it' hits one you are okay.

i think its like going from the minors to the majors (thats a baseball analogy in case you didn't know)

Beth said...

Well, you can't listen to anyone saying 3 is easier or 2 is easier... I think it's always crazy to add a new one and then you adjust and they grow up and it will be fine. It seems to me like your lists says it all... the pros outweigh the cons right? Personally I need more space between my kids... but I'm not as patient and laid back as some other gals who can handle all the chaos.