Monday, December 8, 2008

Knotts Merry Farm

We had such a blast at Knotts last week. We went with the Cooke Family and all the boys got to ride lots of rides and I even attempted one roller coaster with Shel (and had a good time doing it) Here are some highlights in pictures.

(This is the only ride we could get Joel to ride)

We finished the night with a game of air hockey which Bryan and I miserably lost and some dance dance revolution and so as to not to get off my losing streak, I totally got beat by Joel... GO JOEL


Pam said...

looks fun!! i didn't realize joel is such a chicken!

beth said...

Yeah, I am surprised Joel doesn't get on the rides. How fun for you guys.

Grammy said...

Hey, Joel sounds like my kind of guy! I dont' get on anything any wilder than the carousel! Too scary by far.
Love the pictures. You all have great fun!

Sarah said...

So, Joel was afraid of EVERYTHING, but the carousel???!!! What a baby! I'm going to have to make fun of him next time I see him.