Monday, December 1, 2008

Papa and Mima

Saturday was a fun filled day with really no naps to speak of. We went to OC to visit Mima and Papa. We all went on a bike ride to the beach and then to lunch then to a park and back home (papa and mima's home) where we got some more play time in. The kids always have a blast with their grandparents here are some cute pics from our visit.

so proud to do it all by himself

a good book for all

Trains, always a Kevin fav.


Sarah said...

I LOVE that first picture of Adam! So, so cute!

Reagan said...

I was going to say that too Sarah! I like the close up of Adam, he's got the greatest dimples.

Grammy said...

Hey there,
Really great pics! Love the closeups!
Looks like someone else loves reading stories to children, like I do.
Love you all, HOpe to see you all again soon!
Aunt Grammy