Thursday, July 17, 2008

Riding Bikes

So for Bryan's recent birthday he got a bike, I know totally funny gift for a 31 year old but he had been wanting one and we both like riding bikes although we have never owned a bike while together. So as part of the gift his mom got a child seat so Kevin could go with him and Adam in 2 more months. Anyhow we tried it out today and it was so cute and Kevin had such a blast riding with his daddy. He got to sit right up front and see everything he thought he was pretty special. It was the cutest thing the two of them riding on the bike with their helmets and such. Any how I have a couple pictures of them. The seat is called the weeride seat, I think. Bryan said it was relatively comfortable and that it did not make riding the bike any harder he couldn't even tell a difference really except that he had to pedal a little differently than he might usually pedal but not enough to make it weird or uncomfortable.

Kevin likes to wear his helmet strap on his chin because a motorcycle helmet goes across the chin as well as the head and he wants his helmet to be like a motorcycle helmet. Who am I to say he can't wear it that way right?

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