Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bike Riding Continued

Our bikes and trailer and mess...

The boys love their Chariot...

A nice relaxing anniversary, or two crying children that want mommy.

getting some sun!!

My awesome new bike!!

Exciting news!! I got a bike too! It is so pretty, not pricey like Bryan's, but perfect for me. Our anniversary was this week and Bryan purchased a bike for me and we took the kids out bike riding from Huntington Beach to the Balboa Pier. We played at the beach, the playground, the green grass field, and went to dinner with Bryan's mom and sister at BJ's then headed back, in the dark, to Huntington Beach. We had a blast at the top are pics of us, our bikes, and our cool set up. The Trailer was a birthday present for Bryan from his dad it is so cool!!
This bike thing is our new attempt at getting into shape. With Bryan commuting so far to work we see so little of him that the gym went by the wayside and yet we still need the exercise, sadly. This way we can take the whole family, do fun things together and still get a little physical activity in for mom and dad. If anyone else is into bike riding let me know of some great places for us to check out in the area. We are looking for ideas.


The Trotter Family said...

Looks like fun! Haven't seen you guys in a while. It's nice to see you have a blog up and running for us to keep up with you!

Claire said...

Caleb and I ride our bikes on the Chandler bike path that is a block from our house. I guess it isn't really a "day trip", but thought I would tell you in case you are ever looking for a ride that is close by.