Monday, July 21, 2008

The Big Scare

Today was an errand day, we went to the office to make a deposit and we had to go to the grocery store... All was going well at the grocery store we were done actually paying. But lets move back about 5 minutes when we were waiting in line to pay. Adam had started fussing crying and trying to get himself out of the cart so I unbuckled him to hold him so that he would calm down. I held him right up until it was time for me to actually pay then I set him back down in the cart and swiped my card with in that few seconds, I don't know how, he fell out of the cart. He some how fell betweeen the counter and the cart and landed directly on his bumm. He cried for all of 30 seconds, I on the other hand was a shaking mess. Upon the initial search for scrapes, bruises, bumps and such I found nothing and when we got home I did a more thorough search and still nothing. He is fine, I, on the other hand, was a complete shaking, upset stomache mess for at least an hour after the incident. Note to self: even if it is for 2 seconds buckle them back in when in the cart. Kevin would sit for hours in the cart unbuckled Adam...Not so much. He is my mover and wiggler, and escaper. So a hard lesson learned luckily no one was hurt but oh my goodness it scared me.


English Garden said...

Whew! Glad he's O.K., sounds like it could have been way worse.

Pamela said...

sounds familiar. when tiff was 2 she fell out of the cart while i was unloading groceries but, she broke her arm.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad Adam is okay. I think it's usually always the parent who is more affected then the baby/kid. Also, Brooke just wrote about a similar experience on her blog, where Baylie fell out! Yikes! I'm glad everyone is okay, though.