Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Minivan Express

Last night our advent calendar activity was a super surprise! We were going in our Jammie's after dinner to go look at Christmas lights. Here is how it went down for us. I made dinner, we ate it, then I sent the boys to get their Pajamas on. In their drawer they found their tickets to THE MINIVAN EXPRESS! They were excited to find "golden tickets in their drawer. I found the tickets here . While they got dressed I made some of that awesome hot chocolate from my previous post and then we headed out with our hot chocolate in hand! In the minivan we blared some Christmas music and went in search of a "candy cane lane". We found a perfectly awesome neighborhood in Brea near Kraemer and Birch! We had a super fun evening that ended when Adam had to go pee. My favorite thing of the evening though was Adam saying to all the crazy decorated homes, " woah, that took a lot of work" he repeated that sentence at every house. He came to that conclusion on his own. Hilarious!

I love looking at Christmas lights!

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Hillary said...

So fun! You're an awesome mom!