Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with the Low Family!

 Cousin Ashley and Bryce scored cool points with winners like nerf guns and guitars, my boys thought they were in Heaven!
 Owen got this bear in a box and everyone of my kids loved it!  Kevin informed us that he had ALWAYS wanted one of these...Owen loves it too!

 One of my favorite things we do at this Christmas party is the gift exchange for the adults.  I love to see what everyone brings.  Some standouts this year were "Fifty Shades Darker" with a Barnes and Noble gift card, an awesome scarf that was hard to figure out, and the calendar that Ellen made! We made out like bandits this year.  Bryan got a Low Family Calendar created by Aunt Ellen it is awesome and includes birthdays and anniversaries and pics of the family, so neat!!  I got MOVIE TICKETS!  Yes that is one of my favorite gifts ever!  We made our gifts this year which I will include in my homemade Christmas post that I will do maybe next week :D!
 I wish I had a picture of the Turban version of this scarf!

 The boys (Bryan included) scored big time with a super awesome Telescope!  It works!! we saw mountains on the moon and haven't even tried the big lens!  Isaac got what he has been asking for all year, a SKATEBOARD!  He was so excited!( I know pictures were taken of it, so if you have them please send them)

We loved our second Annual Christmas Eve Party with the Low Family!  It is so fun to see our cousins that we don't get to see very often and spend a day with family.  The boys had a blast as all their cousins here in California on the Low side are boys (except one, Alex, but she didn't come this year) So there were 7 boys they had a blast!  Good thing someone else was on the ball (Thank you, Ellen) otherwise I would have 3 pictures of the whole day...

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