Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer and Other Completely Random Stories

Isaac is a hoot!!

spiderman in a ditch

When he is not dressing himself to the hilt, he is generally up to other things like this awesome mess!!
Yes, it is baby powder.

I finished my menu board!

Drum Circle at the Library was a huge hit!!

Daddy's Birthday on his Birthday!! Later that evening we had the Davis' over for Catan and ate dessert again, lol!!

Playdates with Kevin's friends from school we got together with Ryan, Caleb and Alexis over the Summer!

 The Low/Willis Family Birthday Party!! It was so much fun!  We celebrated Lindsey, Christopher and Bryan's Birthday at Lake Mission Viejo!!

  our little nappers under the shade tree!!

Cupcake Monsters!

 When we first arrived we were the first on the beach!!

Isaac loves his Owen!

I suppose his hair needs documented since it is getting cut this week...Not too much though, I love it!!

 My sweet picture of my boys!! I wish Owen were in it too!!

 but here is Owen!!

A beach day without Daddy, We did take Grandpa with us though!!

Owen slept at the beach...he is such a good baby

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Crazy Lady said...

such cute pictures tanya! oh how i wish you lived down the street! darling boys