Sunday, August 19, 2012


Tomorrow is our first day of school but we haven't been sitting on our hind end waiting, we have been working hard, well Bryan has been anyway.

To get ready for school we put together our school room!!
For more information about our new homeschooling adventure visit my homeschooling blog, Mom gone Teacher.

First we painted the walls it was white before!!

 we did light blue with an orange/red accent wall

Then we hung shelves on the wall but as you see that didn't really fix the problem of storage which can be seen on the floor

so we turned the closet into shelves as well!!

TaDah!! doesn't that look lovely!!

and doesn't the floor look lovely!! I forgot we had a floor in that room

yes I do love closing the door on that project!!

We purchased file cabinets a couple of months ago around the same time as the chase both off of Craigslist but they had just been sitting in our garage.  We pulled them out and sanded them and painted them!!

Then we added some shelves on the other wall and filled them with fabric!

 Today we hung up the white board and now we are pretty much done right in time for school tomorrow.  Here are some pics of the room pretty much ready for fun...Check out those super cute file cabinets!!


Rachael Cobble said...

I love it Tawn!! That is the coolest schoolroom I've ever seen! I'm actually very proud of you for homeschooling your boys. I'm with you on all of your reasons for going ahead and doing their school yourself. Maybe by the time our little one gets to be that age I can be in a position to do the same.

Beth said...

Tanya - this is amazing. You guys rock and I so wish you could come over and make over my art/homework space.