Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Sister is Wed in Laguna Beach

So on July 24 My sister got married** in Laguna Beach, Ca.  We gathered the troops and hiked down to the beach taking pictures all along the way and were met there by the local preacher, Don, who performed the ceremony.  It was very beautiful and very fun to get to know John better along the walk and to spend time with so much of our family we were just missing Jessie and her family, but she has a newborn and was home bound, or at least local bound out in Tennessee. So here are some pics from the day.  Rachael and John spent the whole week out here and saw everything from Hollywood to Coronado while here so they left tired and sunned but I think they loved it and maybe we will get them to come back soon : D

family Pick.  This is the most family we have ever had in one picture, I believe.
 the boys
the girls (I look a little heavy in that outfit, I won't wear it again) 
 my boys
 the sweet spot for a beach ceremony!
 you may kiss the bride!!!!!!!!!!!!
 the sun was super bright and nobody wanted to look at the camera so we got silly pics!!
 I kinda love this one!
 mom and dad, officially have all their girls married off!!!

 After the ceremony we headed back to mom and dad's place to have dinner and cake!!
 Josh was having a hard time waiting : D

 It was a really BIG bite!

 yes, he bit her...(we kinda love this guy)
 but she got him back with a Hitler, 'stache...
 We are so happy to welcome John into our family...Congratulations Rachael and John and may you have a lifetime of happiness together!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tawn! I love the pictures, and we are already trying to plan our next trip out there! John and I had so much fun, but yes, we were definitely much tanner and so very sleep deprived by the time we got home...which translates to, WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! John has told me time and time again how wonderful it was to get to meet the rest of my family and how much he already loves spending time with not just the family, but your friends and extended family as well. ^_^ Love you! Rachie-Bee

The Trotter Family said...

Congrats to her!