Friday, August 12, 2011

More Random Summer fun Part 2

We went to our Cousin's wedding on July 9th!!  Ashley and Bryce were married and it was beautiful!!
and...we danced.  Bryan was dancing with Lorraine so Bob and I decided to "try" to make them jealous of our dancing skills, but Lorraine was pretty good and Bryan was a good follower so we never really succeeded, but had fun trying : D

 aaahhh beach days, How I love Corona Del Mar!
 and Rainy Days the perfect excuse to wear our rain boots in July!!
 and sleepy days, this is how it goes when daddy has the boys for a Saturday, he wears em' out!!
 and movie days, with popcorn!!
 Swing ball, our new outdoor/beach game is super fun and loved by the whole family!!
 pb&j a family favorite and awesome mess maker
 Hanging with the boys at Cooke Ranch for a pool and pizza party!!
 Daddy had a birthday and blew out imaginary candles!!
 for Daddy's birthday Sarah, Josh and I surprised him with a closet makeover which included a paint job and ended up taking a few days and required the help of friends near and far by the time it was over (thank you Hillary)

 another picture I found of camping in Yosemite.  I love this pic of Kevin so I wanted to add it in.

 another picture of Kevin's preschool graduation, super cute and he was so super excited about his accomplishment :D  He memorized his lines in the program perfectly and they were long lines too.
 and Last but not least we had our 10th anniversary.  which ended up being a little odd but lots of fun.  Bryan had to study for a test that is coming up and so I had planned on going to watch project runway with some friends so B came with me up to Studio City and we had dinner at Aroma Cafe and then he studied while I went and watched Project runway with the girls then when it was over we had some dessert together then headed home.  It was a really fun evening and we both got to do a lot of what we wanted/needed to do and still got a date out of it...oh yah and props to Grandma and Grandpa who had the kiddos spend the night and had them all the next day as I went and worked at the shop for my mom so she could have a grand kids day!!  They went to the park, swimming, and the movies, and the book store it was quite a day!

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