Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Palm Desert with Grandma and Grandpa

In May we ventured to Palm Desert and what was supposed to be 4 days turned into a whole week vacation because wouldn't you know it started raining over here in the coastal areas and I wanted no part in that so we just stayed in Palm Desert where it was wasn't hot but it was at least sunny :D. We drove over on Thursday and Bryan joined us on Friday he rode his motorcycle which he had been dying to try out on a longer journey and had lots of fun doing it when it wasn't freezing or so windy it was blowing him off the road. Here are about a 1,000 pictures to show you how much fun we had!!

It was 97 degrees when we rolled in and first on our list was ice cream for all. So we stopped at the Rite- Aid which did not have thrifty ice cream :( and bought an entire box of ice cream sandwhiches and ate them all :D

Day one we woke up early and did the timeshare thing. I took the two older boys to the kid center and they got to feed the fish their daily food. Lots of fun and the boys loved it!!
Once Bryan got there we headed over to the J.W. Marriot and hopped on a little boat and took a tour which ended at the restaurant we ate at!! YUM seafood buffet's are soooo my favorite!!

The seafood was awesome but what really stole the show was dessert!!

Saturday I got to go to the "Quiet" pool with my mom while the boys hung with Dad and Grandpa, by that I mean they all slept :D

Sunday we went hiking in Palm Canyon! It was a beautiful day to do it as it had cooled down substantially and there was a breeze!!

We did two miles and Kevin and Adam hiked on their own the whole way!

Rainbow on a cloud??

We could see the rain that our friends were getting but we didn't get any of it!!

The view of our place from the park!!

the Marriot playground was tons of fun!!

we brought the scooters knowing we were going to need wheels to get around town :D

Isaac after a bath...too funny not to add!!

Our unit was right in the front of this building!

Thanks for inviting us Grandma and Grandpa, or did we invite ourselves, can't remember but it was so much fun!!


Sarah said...

Your bathing suit looks really cute! And I like the color on you!

Tanya said...

Ha!! Thanks Sarah!!!