Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boys will be Boys!!

The boys had their second Annual all boys camping trip last week. They went up to Montana De Oro state Park. The pictures were beautiful. Bryan, Kevin, Adam, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Geoff all headed up in the Durango for their Friday-Tuesday camping trip. They met our good friends the Cooke Boys, Joel, Kien, and Caleb, up there and the Party Began!!! here are some pics of their adventure. Okay so there are lots of pics but how can you choose when there are so many fun ones!!

loaded and ready for take off

Kevin getting tackled by Caleb!!

Look at these Handsome boys, I'm partial to the one on the left but they are all good lookin'
Geoffrey will be playing the part of camp director for the day!!
Night Hike!!

I love these boys, what good buddies!!

Little Adam big World!!

Don't Fall!!
The giant sink hole

and home again, yes they drove into the garage with the cartop carrier on top and quickly got rid of the evidence so I wouldn't know they hit the door and all but Adam ratted them out!!
They came back tan, dirty, and tired!!

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Beth said...

Woah! Those were a ton of BEAUTIFUL pictures. Looks so fun. How did you spend your time while they were away?