Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1sts and things to remember

Isaac does not like getting rocked to sleep. Kevin would let us vigorously rock him to sleep for quite a while, Adam let us rock him until about 4-5 months then he too said leave me along but Isaac from day one gets agitated at getting held and fussed with for extended periods of time. We have tried rocking in a chair, standing and rocking, doing it fast doing it slow but really he likes to fall asleep in the swing and some days that too is too much and he just wants laid in his bed with his music, binky, and wrapped up and he is as happy as can be. At night and sometimes during the day we just transfer him to the crib when he falls asleep and he is out for the night or a couple of hours during the day. But he needs the noise to go to sleep you should have seen us trying to get him down when the boys were out of town it was comical. Finally we realized he was missing the noise and turned on some Billy Joel and he was out!! He is such a sweet little guy. We just love him and getting to know his personality.

here he is in is sleep mode!!

Isaac loves his exersaucer. He gets all excited in it and is so good at grabbing all the little toys. Of course he didn't do his normal excitement stuff when I took out the video camera but that is typical.

Kevin this last spring went to a little preschool program where they asked us as a FAMILY to do a project which was to create a flower as a family so this is what our family came up with. Our first family school project, I am sure there are thousands more to come :D

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Claire said...

Isaac is getting soo big! :)

I like the way you swaddled him- I've never seen a feet free swaddle before... We haven't swaddled Sadie in the last 7 weeks because she always kicks her feet free, but I'm wondering if I should try this swaddle, or just keep on with what's been working so far. Opinion?

Also, what age can you start an exersaucer? We've got good head control but she doesn't sit up on her own yet. She will sit if we prop or support her and she's reaching and grabbing toys. (Sorry to highjack your blog comment with new-mom questions)

PS- Let me know next time you come up this way! We should get together!