Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This one is for Mom!!

Well, here I am in all my hugeness, I suppose I can only get bigger from here though, YIKES!!
I have been trying to think of the good things that come with being this pregnant instead of focusing on the 4 page list on why it is miserable, so here are some things I have come up with...

1. People no longer hesitate to ask when I am due, there is no awkward staring at me while they decide if I am pregnant or fat, they are fully aware now that I am pregnant.

2. I always get asked if I need help everywhere I go and I feel no guilt in taking the help. I no longer take my groceries out of my cart and into my car at the grocery store because I don't have to so ha....

3. If I am little moody, tired, grouchy, or miserable my husband lets me be, I mean really who wants to mess with a woman that hugely pregnant.

4. I am getting more and more hugs and kisses from my big boys, especially Adam, who I assume senses a change in his near future.

5. And last but not least I AM ALMOST DONE!! It is the home stretch now. During church last Sunday they had a brief segment on enduring to the end, all I could think of was enduring to the end of pregnancy (now you know a little about my state of mind) But I am almost there and soon I will have a sweet little gift from Heavenly Father to hold in my arms and love, teach and nurture to grow into the kind of man any mom would be proud to call her son. Soon I will have sleepless nights because of feedings and diaper changings instead of just plain uncomfortableness, which I would much rather prefer to be awake with a baby than awake by myself with HGTV and no other good reason to be awake.

so there you have it why it is awesome to be so incredibly pregnant!!!


Beth said...

Tanya! I think you look FANTASTIC! Seriously. I can't believe you are about to have your third little guy. He is quite lucky. And it seems just yesterday we were at the zoo and Kevin was outing your pregnancy. Ha!

The Trotter Family said...

Holy moly! How are you sleeping at night? Looks like you are ready to go anytime now. Hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!