Monday, January 25, 2010

Kevin's Baby

So Kevin has slept with his train blanket and his "baby" since Adam was born. He was not attached to these items until Adam arrived but since then he hasn't missed a night with them. He takes them camping to Grandma and Grandpa's in Tennessee and pretty much anywhere he would sleep. But since we moved I guess he decided he didn't need them any more and he doesn't really care if he has the train the blanket and just doesn't want the baby. I suppose I am glad that it is one less thing I have to keep track of and worry about losing but sort of sad too because it means he is getting bigger and it was so cute you know. So now baby which is the name he has for his toy sits alone on the floor on another level of the house after the kids go to bed. I bet he is sad...I have watched Toy Story way way too many times. But maybe when Isaac comes he will want it back or maybe not. In other news Adam now has a "baby" and has taken to sleeping with it every night. even if it is not in bed with him he wants it to be in sight of his bed. So maybe it is the age combined with the knowledge that you are no longer the baby that makes my little boys feel the need to get one of their own. It is so sweet. I sure do love my boys.


Beth said...

I love this story. Toy Story kills me. I am one to personify toys... so that's not good. I just donated a few to Good Will and wondered if they were sad to leave. I need to stop.

Claire said...

That is sweet. Yeah, toy story is pretty sad. I bet if I watched it now, I'd cry. Hope you are feeling good.