Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ohhhhh, sick days

well we have been home bound this week since Friday because Kevin got sick. He got an initial outbreak of cold sores/fever blisters which the doctor said is usually a pretty big deal for a first timer, poor thing takes after his dad I guess with the fever blister thing ( I don't really get those) but he has them all over even in his throat and on the outside which is what you see on his cheek in the pics. We have been playing lots of games and taking lots of pain killers around here but it has been nice to have so much time to get stuff done around the house and to find so much time to play games and with our toys. We have gotten to eat lots of smoothies, shakes and yogurt because that is pretty much Kevin's diet if he gets a shake so do we right? I am so glad that the doctor said he wouldn't be contagious by Friday (Adam's birthday party) If I can keep Adam healthy through all of this it will be a miracle. So far so good though and just two more days till' Friday so fingers crossed here we go. We miss all of our friends and can't wait to join them again hopefully Friday :)

oh yeah and we have watched a lot of movies and caillou too.


The Trotter Family said...

You are lucky that your kids enjoy being indoors. They seem to be pretty mellow and content with indoor play! Poor kid, I hope he fells better soon!

embot said...

Oh, it's such a bummer to be sick. I hope he gets feeling better, especially in time for the par-tay!