Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seeing Blue from here to there

So, friends and fam...We found out what we are having and we are very excited to say it is a BOY!!!! I bet you didn't see that coming :D I would put a picture up of the little guy but we didn't get one because he was rolling around and around through the entire ultrasound and wouldn't hold still at all making this by far the longest ultrasound I have ever had but don't worry we are very excited it is a boy. It is actually just what I was hoping for, I will surely remain both Queen and Princess of the household for at least a few more years! Oh yeah and bring on the Father/Son camp-outs...I'm a big fan :D


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!! Congrats! :)

Hillary said...

Okay, you totally made me laugh out loud with your Father/Sons comment. I'm truly jealous! Congrats again!

addison said...

Congrats!! You make the cutest boys!

(logged in sophie's acct and too lazy to switch.)

Stevens Family said...

Absolutely your worshipfullness :-) Have Brian read this, he'll enjoy it. ~Jake
CONGRATS! A girl would just mess up the routine you already have going. ~Kristen

English Garden said...

I would have bet money on you having a girl (good job I didn't then huh?!) congrats on the boy!

Claire said...

I found it! That is so true. Queen of the house!