Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ventura County Fair!!!

Yesterday we went to the Fair. It was the first time for the kids and we had a such a fun time. We got to meet up with the boy's cousin Travis and Bryan's Aunt Ellen whom we hadn't seen it quite a few months (probably since Easter) so that was really fun. The boys got to ride a couple rides and we enjoyed some fair food (nachos, fries with cheese dip and corn dogs) We went yesterday because we could get in for a dollar, now that is a good deal and freed up some funds to have fun once we got inside. It was super crowded but we were only there a few hours and got to see the farm animals and pet them and even touch some pigs.

Travis and Kevin rode the cars all by themselves and had an absolute blast. The screamed hysterically around every corner. It was so fun to watch!!

The slide was a huge hit! Although they both looked terrified going down they both cried to go again so I guess it was scary fun!!!

Kevin had a hard time staying upright for some reason...Travis was a rock star of course and made it down first!!

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Grammy said...

Great Fun! So glad you are feeling better.
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy