Monday, August 10, 2009

oh Kevin (sigh)

Today, because Kevin would not take a nap, we worked on finding quiet things to do during Adam's nap. Kevin had the idea of me taking pictures of him. I said sure and he had a blast here are some of his pictures that he came up with. ( he would say "ready" when it was time to take the picture) We took pictures until the batteries died on the camera :) . Here is a small sampling...


Crazy Lady said...

love the photoshoot..

i can totally hear you saying, 'oh kevin'

Brent and Emily said...


Grammy said...

Hey, Tawny,
Cute pictures. A suggestion about quiet time activities...maybe some kind of crafty thing that Kevin could be creative with??? This is a wonderful age for beginning creative ideas with him. It would certainly give you two some together time.
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy