Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Dollywood we go

Our second full day here we went to Dollywood. It was fun and we got to ride lots of teeny weeny rides.

Adam has ridden the train here at Dollywood Three times and has never stayed awake during it even once. It is a 5 mile ride on a real coal train up into the smokey mountains.

The next day we went to the Dollwyood Splash Country water park with Aunt Jessie and Baby Kyah, you know these boys love some water slides...

it made me a little jealous that she looked so fabulous in her brand new bikini with her 4 month old....Yuk!!!!

The next day Kevin was/is sick. So today we are staying home and making curtains. Does he look so adorable and pathetic. He sure knows how to milk a whole day of movies out of his mama :)


bryan said...

We sure do have some handsome boys!

beth said...

I went to Dollywood once and it was really fun. Looks like you're having a blast - minus Kevin getting sick. Hope he feels better soon. :)