Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday: Meet Marie Johnson

Here is a little known fact. I had another identity once. For a little over 2 years of my life I decided to go by Marie instead of Tanya. I am not sure exactly what caused me to think this was a fabulous idea but there were things going on in my life and I like the idea of changing my name, even now I may decide to just go by Tawn, or some people call me Ton Ton and Tawny and I kind of like it. In my family we have always had nicknames and nobody is called by their full name EVER. At home with my family I am officially Tawny, if someone calls me something else it is because they are extremely angry at me. My sister's bf's and husbands even call me Tawny. So here is Marie Johnson.

She played volleyball and basketball (played on the 8th grade team in 7th grade....big stuff there), took jazz and ballet classes, and was a beginner flugal horn player in the pep band for the LaConner Braves. Yes I was in band through 8th grade then I bowed out in favor of sports my true passion.

Yes that is an actual place, our front porch of our home during the winter in LaConner, Washington. (and that is definitely a perm, looks like we all got one :D ) I totally looked like a Marie back then don't you think?

When I moved to Tennessee I changed my name back to Tanya upon my mom's request and making me feel a little guilty since she pulled the "I gave you a beautiful name" trick on me so back to Tanya Johnson I went. But it is nice because I always know what era of my life people are calling or writing from by what they call me. I love the call..."Hey is Marie there?" I just know this is going to be good because it is a way blast from the past.

There are many things that Marie got to do that were first like a first kiss, a first BFF, my first dance, my first dance recital, yikes, and my first non country tape (yes tape) it was Brian Adams. Our family listened to country so did I until Brian Adams. So a little history lesson, who knew I had a secret identity????


Sarah said...

So many identities . . . I'm getting confused! It's so weird. I can't imagine you as anything else but Tanya, which of course makes sense. I can't even imagine you as a Tawny (but maybe that's because we had a Tawny here for so long and i've never met anyone else named Tawny except for her). I like the idea of changing names while growing up. We moved a lot and my younger sister's name is Beth. Her middle name is Alexandra. All of a sudden, when we were moving again and she was in middle school, she said we had to call her Alex and not Beth. It was so weird and foreign to all of a sudden call her a different name, but ever since then, she's always been Alex. Beth is an entirely different person. Maybe you're a spy (don't know where that came from, maybe I'm tired)!

Claire said...

I love that you changed your name all of a sudden! Is Marie your middle name then, or did you just make it up?
Caleb was called "CB" from birth until we moved here 4 years ago when he decided to go by Caleb. I think most people we went to high school with didn't even know his name was Caleb until it was read at Graduation. I totally get what you mean because for the most part, we can guage how long someone's known him by what they call him.

Tawny said...

That's awesome... not only are we both Tawny, but I also made up a name for myself in Jr High. I made up the middle name HOKU! Ya, I convinced everyone my middle name was Hoku, because by then I was a professional hula dancer. I don't think I ever told anyone from the "growing up" years that I really don't even have a middle name....

LOVE YOU! MISS YOU! You're family is as beautiful and bright as always!!!