Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Again

It is so fun to go and visit family, but I honestly must say I always feel I need a vacation afterwards. I come home tired, off my time zone, and dreading the whole unpacking thing. I am so glad to be home and the big thing I was dreading, Inspections, are over as of this morning so I am all good. I could not wait to meet up with my friends, whom I have missed more than I thought I would, (Emily and Kristen were here to welcome me home today, and help me with my kids during inspection). I do love having so many friends that I can count on and I love that we are each other's support group. We are there for each other on good news days and bad news days and I so appreciate that of everyone. So this is like a thank you and a sigh of relief at being home and surrounded by those who are my family on this side of the country.

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beth said...

Sorry about the manager stuff... yuck. But YAY! You're back. Let's play soon. I think Tyler is potty-trained. :)