Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st day in Tenn and Beyond

Our first day in Tennessee ended like this. Kevin hit his head on the coffee table. Luckily it didn't break through and really this picture does not give justice to how high off his head that bump got. It was at least an inch high and we were sure it was going to open. this picture was taken after the first 40 minutes with ice. we had him laying there with lollypops for about an hour and half. All he has now is a really good bruiser that is turning yellow and brown now. it was a foretelling of how the week would go.

after this we got crazy busy with wedding stuff. Only two full days until the big day so it was nails, favors, rehearsal dinner and I had to find shoes for the big day. Then it came the big day. Rachael was a beautiful bride and she was the princess of the day just as she had hoped. We love you rach, good luck to you and your man, Jason. (oh and welcome, officially, to the fam, Jason).

After the wedding we were all sick. I was sick the night before and all through the wedding but I guess I passed it on and my dad and Bryan were sick for a few days more. Today everyone is well and we are all happy and healthy. Can't wait to get home, though, to my own bed...well mostly to Kevin's own bed, :)


Grammy said...

It was wonderful to see all of you guys!! The wedding was fun, too.Sorry we didn't get to spend any more time with you all. Hopefully, next time we will.
Love you all.
Aunt Grammy

beth said...