Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Underwood Farms

Underwood Farms is the thing to do to get in the spirit of fall. We went with my sister Sarah and the Cooke Family last weekend and had such a blast. All the boys had so much fun playing together and although they were all napless or almost they did a fabulous job keeping the whining and such to a minimum (probably because their friends were there). Here are some pics courtesy of Michelle and Joel's fabulous talents.

Future best buddies //Adam in the Train!!

The boys in the sandbox//Playing in the pumpkins

My sister and I

Best Friends!!


Grammy said...

Adorable pics!
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy

Sarah said...

Can't go wrong with pictures from the pumpkin patch. Everyone is doing it! 'Tis the season! Really cute pics.

The Trotter Family said...

Too bad you guys have shadows on your faces in that first pic, otherwise it could have be a perfect Christmas card. So cute!

Beth said...

I LOVE that shot of Kien and Kevin!