Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had such a blast at Trunk or Treat this year. We had so much fun with all of our friends. We did not actually have a camera but thanks to all of our friends we still got some pics.
Kevin and Adam ready to go
Trunk or treating at the Barty car with neighbor friend, Jacob

Playing the part with Shel Cooke

loving on my bad boy!!
It was so much fun. I can't wait until next week for Halloween and the chance to do it again. Dressing up is so much fun. (someone else for a day)


Sarah said...

It WAS such a blast! You guys looked great. Dan told me later on that night that you made Kevin's costume, like the wing part or the chest part or something. I was so impressed! Josie in in love with Woody and Buzz, so I think for a small part of the night she was chasing around Adam. It was cute.

Pam said...

you guys all looked great. i agree, it is fun to be someone else for a day!

Whitney said...


Thanks for the comment on Whitney's blog. It was neat reading about your family.

Actually you are related to our family more than just through Grandma/Grammy. Your dad and my dad are first cousins...seriously. Anyway, thought that was funny!

Daniel (& Whitney)

Daniel (for

Grammy said...

Really cute costumes! You would make a really cute " '20's flapper" or "gangster's moll" in that outfit of yours. Good job on the whole thing.
Love you,
Aunt Grammy

The Trotter Family said...

You guys look cute! Trunk or treat is so fun, I am so glad they thought of something safe and fun for little guys!