Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving In Overgaard, AZ (part2)

Another field trip we took, another 2 hour drive one way, was to the Meteor Crater. It is located just outside of Winslow, AZ. Of course we had to stop to take a minute to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona!

The crater was the boys' favorite activity! Who knew a giant whole in the earth caused by a giant alien rock could be so cool! The crater is 1 mile across and was caused by a meteor 150 feet in diameter. This is the best preserved meteor crater in the world. That's easy to see because it still looks like it just exploded out a few decades ago.

We took the tour on some of the perimeter of the crater which was fun and then got to spend some time in the museum that is on site.

There were lots of astronaut stuff there since this site was used to study how the moon might be when they went up there the first time.

We also drove past this cool hotel that a certain hotel in Cars, the movie, was based off of. It is located off Route 66 in Holbrook, AZ.

Stay tuned for part 3

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