Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For the Mama's Birthday

 I had a really fun birthday this year.  Aside from getting to go on a field trip with my favorite boys...I got to blow out candles with them on my birthday...I got flowers from my sweetheart (a sweet shout-out to my friend Debbie for making him bring them home),  I also got a surprise dinner out with some of my favorite people at Farrall's.  That doesn't even include my sweet pedicure and my new jacket which I adore.. Also Bryan took me shopping for boots,  but I bought some sketchers go walks instead they are soooo comfortable and cute too...  We tried to eat out at The Cheesecake factory but neither of us had the patience for an hour long wait so we ended up eating Pho instead on day three of my Birthday!!

 Debbie and I...I love this girl!
 my dessert at Farrell's it was amazing....

 Isaac found me this super special ring...he has figured out how to make these out of snail shells he finds outside...

and my new jacket is awesome!!

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