Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Pics and Things I Don't Want To Forget

Mother's Day with my mom!
Playing go fish!

We went out to lunch with our friends the McCoys we were friends before we had nine kids between the four of us!

Isaac makes this face a lot!

Isaac says, " mom I am holding on tight so I don't fall out of the clouds" while I am pushing him on the swing.

Isaac tosses and turns all night and flops around in his bed. I feel sorry for his future wife, good thing he is so cute to look at!

After throwing Legos everywhere in anger and being told he was going to have to clean it up, Isaac says "I am too busy for this"

Isaac calls Kevin and Adam ...KeAdam!

He also loves milk in a cup every morning with breakfast.

We love having the missionaries over for dinner.

Owen walks with both hands above his head.

No one says turkey as cute as Adam does (tourkey)

Adam says after I ask if he had wonderful dreams the night before " I don't dream about wonderful things I dream about COOL things"

Isaac tells me I can be Kitawa (Kitara) when everyone is picking who they want to be on Avatar the Last Air Bender. Because I am a girl!

Cute pic of nana and Isaac. He loves books being read to him.

Trying out the furniture at sports authority.

Kevin calls Froggs Bounce House " an awesome magical wonderland for kids"

Kevin makes up a dance and names it " fighting ninja paws". He then performed it for the Davis' too funny!

Adam came up with Machine gun kisses. One night I was blowing kisses to him ( lots of them) and he pretended he was being shot down by them. Thus machine gun kisses were born and now it is such a treat to get machine gun kisses from mom and then everyone dies...

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