Friday, June 21, 2013

Hunga Bunga Beach Bike Ride!

Kevin used to call Huntington Beach Hunga Bunga Beach and still does in jest! We all still like to refer to it as Hunga Bunga Beach!

We took the kids on a bike ride on the bike path from Magnolia up to the pier and back. It was a long ride but all the boys did awesome with no complaining!

This was Owens first time on the bike and he was sort of tired and just wanted his pacifier. Once he got that he was happy all day long.

Owen and Isaac rode on the bikes with Bryan and I and Kevin and Adam rode on their own.

Here is a picture of me and all my sweet boys!

My cute family out in front of me!

We ate at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier!

Isaac was trying to make the worst faces possible in all these pictures...he did a pretty good job at accomplishing his goals!

Everyone had so much fun. I wish Bryan never had to work so we could just do things like this everyday.

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Brooke McCoy said...

watch out what you wish for ;)

and the bike ride looks awesome!