Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adam turns 5

Adam's birthday fell on a Friday this year that happened to be daddy's RDO (regular day off)! So I took Adam on a date! We went out for Phó and then picked up our free ice cream scoops at Baskin Robbins since we both had our birthday coupons! We had a lot of fun and Adam got a special day where he got to have soup, which none of the other boys appreciate.

Adam's party was the next day. We envited our new friends from school, the Zapatas and our friends from birth the Cookes! This meant there would be 10 kiddos including Owen and Marin, which turned into 12 with the neighbor boys! We decided on a pool party which was perfect since it was 95 degrees out!

Some neighbor kids joined us for the party, I hate to admit that I don't know their names. :/

For lunch we grilled up some hotdogs and of course we made special salad (Adam's special request)

The Cooke Boys ended up showing up later so it was an all day party which Adam loved!

The Birthday Boy!!

When we got tired of swimming, we moved the party back home and the boys rode skateboards and scooters outside until dinner! (where we grilled up more hotdogs and sausages)


Stevens Family said...

looks like fun! Yeah for special salad! :-) One of these days we will be able to join you for a pool party and grilled hotdogs.

Tanya said...

Yes Kristen we totally will!