Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas for me really starts on Thanksgiving Night around Midnightish, :D  I convinced my mom to go to Toysrus with me, which I have never done before.  I go out every year and stay out all night but I had never done Toysrus it just scared me, but this year they had something I really wanted and ride on motorized Mater for Isaac for 60 bucks, so I had to do it!!

here is proof I went out pregnant and all and stood in lines for hours and got everything I wanted !!  The quality is not so great but hey it was dark and it was taken with a cell phone... :D

We decorated by throwing a decorating party!! this is the way to do it, by the way, we got all the trees and stuff set up in just one night

Yes,  pregnant or not I couldn't help but do my favorite part and put the Angel on the tree!!

Just the next week my parents thought it was such a great idea they threw a party too!!!

So this year it felt like we had two Christmas' right in a row!!  We were able to go over on Christmas Eve to the Low Family Christmas and then we had our Christmas here with my family and the Willis Family on Christmas Day.  It was lots of fun and quite a whirlwind!!.  I am really low on pictures from the Low Family Party so if any of my Low family has pictures they think should be added to this post please send them my way :D.  At the Low's we were greeted by lots of family and the boys were super spoiled being the only kiddos there!! We spent pretty much all day opening a gift and playing with it for an hour or so and then opening another and doing the same it made for a very fun day and lots and lots of play! The boys scored at Mima and Papa's with lots of games and Isaac scored in the choo choo train category, (he is a big fan) and the big boys got their own skate boards...but Isaac was not going to be left out of this either and he muscled a skate board away from Adam and had himself some good fun!!

At the end of the party we had an adult gift exchange where we exchanged gifts white elephant style.  We brought the glasses from my previous post along with some mini owl pillows like the ones in my last post.  After my cousin, Ashley,  read this post she reminded me I forgot to tell the owl story so here it is. 

The mini owl pillows were a big hit. Bryce, the newest member of the family, we love him...really liked them when he and Ashley opened them.  He was afraid that his mother-in-law, Aunt Barb, would steal them.  So as she was looking around the room deciding whether she wanted to steal or grab a new unopened gift he clearly and with reckless abandom LICKED the pillows...yes he LICKED them.  Sadly for him it did not keep Barb from stealing them and he had to give up his licked owl pillows and here they rest with Aunt Barb's Cat!!

So there it is a hilarious Christmas story that really should be remembered forever :D  WE LOVE YOU, BRYCE!!!

after the party we came home got the kiddos snuggled in bed dreaming of sugar plums and such and went to work!! Grandma and Grandpa came over and brought over their sleigh full of gifts as well and here is what it looks like when 3 families do Christmas together!!

Josh organized the gifts in a very organized  manner with all small ones out front and larger ones to the middle so it looks very impressive!!

The next day was Christmas morning!!

Again I am short on pictures like for instance of Isaac riding his mater around the kitchen table, which I know about 20 pictures were taken but apparently not with my camera. 

Christmas was so much fun!  My favorite part of Christmas this year is that it fell on a Sunday.  We got to stop everything we were doing and go to Sacrament.  I was also blessed to be one of the speakers on Christmas Day and I spoke on the gifts I have received from my Savior.  It was perfect.  I wish every Christmas was on Sunday.  The boys, of course had a fun filled day of endless surprises and visits from
Aunts and Uncles and Grandma and Grandpa and Nana, for them the fun truly never ended!!

Uncle Josh and Aunts Sarah...A Christmas Staple at our house!!

Grandma and Grandpa!!

My 3 sons, funny they are all in red that really wasn't actually planned!!

cooperative choo choo train building!!

it would hardly be Christmas without spider man!!

....and star wars...(and Kevin is really into writing things down so he was very excited to get his own pen and paper)

Isaac was sure that he was going to need Adam's new helmet next time he took Adam's new skate board!!

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh got the boys giant pillow pets and for Adam a giant "baby" was just too exciting!!

later the Willis family came over for Christmas Dinner and it was Christmas all over again!!  We pulled out our super rad table and had no trouble accommodating the 13 people  for dinner at one table and it was a wonderful Christmas.  I wish every day were Christmas!!

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Ashley said...

Very cute pictures! I do think you left the "owl story" out :). Hahaha.