Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love My Boys!!

well I just found a treasure trove of new pics on my computer from where my hubby downloaded his phone pics, yay and I found some fun ones that I had to share!!

So here are some pics and why they are so awesome!!

They play ball with Dad!!

scooters are way big at our house

boys don't mind getting dirty!!!

or wet for that matter

They innately love camping and hiking (at least mine do)

throwing rocks into water will never get old for us!!

boys are crazy no doubt about it

they don't have to wear shirts and steal each other's food!!

Sand from head to toe is definitely not something to worry about

a messy face is pretty normal

climbing up on big rocks to get really wet and scare mom is the most fun

for these and many many more reasons we are so excited to be adding one more boy to our family

Boys Rule, Girls Drool
(at least at our house)


Hillary said...

Love this post! With wonderful boys like yours, I'm not surprised that you're excited to add another to the mix. Congratulations!

Beth said...

Does this mean that you found out you're having a BOY ???? Did I miss that announcement.

Stevens Family said...

Yeah! You just make them so cute. Someone has to raise some good valiant future husbands and fathers. You will forever be stepping on Lego's and Matchbox cars and wondering why there are rocks in your washer, again...good luck :-)

The Trotter Family said...

That is going to be one of the busiest houses ever! Good luck Tanya!