Monday, March 21, 2011

Just trying to avoid the paparazzi!

yesterday while goofing around on the at floor plans for the new models going up in our neighborhood...I came across this picture!!!

You can link to the website here...and I'm not trying to get you to move here...okay so I am, (we love our community and our home) but you should check it out and the new floor plans too...they are building single family homes and town homes for your viewing/living enjoyment...and you get to see a picture of Adam on the homepage top left hand corner in the slide show there is about 6 pictures and he is one of them...they think he is a cutie too :D

update: I went to the sales office today and saw that they had one framed picture of Adam at the park on the wall and three pictures of the boys two of Adam and 1 of Kevin and Adam at the park on their giant screen slide shows in the office...Yes we are like local celebrities...

Did I mention Isaac and I were in the newspaper because I spoke at a press conference...I can't remember if I blogged about that or not but here is the link to the newspaper article :D I fear this picture of me in the newspaper is like the worst picture EVER but the family pic is not so bad so there are two in the slideshow :D

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