Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why not give it a try

So some friends of mine that moved across the country a couple of years ago are doing a 90 day reboot as in eating healthy and seriously exercising. They have invited anyone to join them, sadly they don't have too much to lose (skinnyish people) but I have a 10 year anniversary trip coming up to Hawaii and I would love to be closer to my goal weight so this seems like a better program than any I've had (none). So here goes lets see if we can get back into those skinny jeans (I've been eyeing a cute white pair)

Here is a picture from today, there is no way I am showing what that middle looks like uncovered but just know I will be working hard to feel comfortable enough to wear only one shirt at the end of this :D

Photography by Kevin Low

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English Garden said...

Go Tanya, Go Tanya! you could sign up for a mini triathalon here in American Fork so you have a workout goal, good reason to come to Utah.....