Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Did I do that???

Recently the boys have taken to dumping all of their toys out of all the bins in their room. They do not do this in a malicious fashion but simply because they want to play with the bins, they can make stairs with them and then jump onto the couch. Doesn't that sound like so much fun? Well it is fun, but they then have to clean their room which is the craziest mess ever and makes me want to get rid of every toy that comes with more than one piece and pieces smaller than a soccer ball. So here is the latest shots at what mayhem this activity leaves their bedroom in.

We almost lost Adam in there


Sarah said...

Oh, wow. I can relate to that 100%! That's what our house looks like and sadly I can't even bring myself to clean it up every day. It always looks like someone threw up toys all over the house. Oh well. I'm cutting myself some slack. Ha! And I think you should too!

Hillary said...

Me too! I totally relate to that ;) I've had to scoot toys out of the way many times just to open the front door.

beth said...

Wow - That is one crazy mess.